LQAF Spotlight on Jason Napier

Award winning artist Jason Napier will return to La Quinta Arts Festival to exhibit his impressive, stylized wildlife sculpture. His bronze sculptures are collected and revered around the globe. Learn about two of his newest sculptures.  See his artwork in person at the 37th annual event, March 7-10, 2019.

He shares, “Roadrunners are one of my favorite subjects to create because of their expressive features and incredible hunting abilities.  These are the main attributes I wanted to capture in my new piece Desert Tracker.  Confident he outsmarted the Coyote that just left fresh tracks below, the roadrunner perches atop of a blue torch cactus along a busy hunting trail.  Focused on finding his next meal, he surveys the distant desert land all the while a collard lizard is lurking right beneath him.      


Desert Tracker will be an exciting piece to showcase for La Quinta Arts Festival 2019.   It will prompt great conversation with visitors that have witnessed these dynamic birds in action and allow appreciation of my stylized approach for the art savvy collectors. 

Another very exciting piece I will be unveiling at the festival: two fighting Big Horns titled Avalanche

A dramatic 5-foot tall sculpture, the piece depicts dueling big horns on a rock ledge.”

Preview Jason’s sculpture at his online Artist Gallery, and see it in person at La Quinta Arts Festival 2019.

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