Precious Cargo – Romeo MI

This mother Mountain Lion carefully clutches her cub while perched on a boulder assessing her surrounding.  A dynamic bronze sculpture placed exquisitely as the center focal point of  Tapper Gardens in Romeo, MI.

Precious Cargo was the first outdoor art acquisition of what now has become a expansive sculpture garden.  Tapper Gardens showcases 5 Napier sculptures all placed in custom designed settings.  This fully landscaped 3.5 acre garden is a true labor of love for the owners and boasts a 150ft reflections pool, Japanese style streams, ponds and waterfalls, over 4000 plants, bushes and trees and about a million pounds of rock!  The result is an atmospheric garden that feels more like walking through a stunning show of flora, fauna and fine art.

cougar, mountain lion, cub, bronze sculpture












cougar, mountain lion, puma, cub


















































































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