Enlivened by wildlife, Boundless in bronze & Masterful with form & color…

These are the qualities that reveal the innate talent of Jason Napier

Jason Napier’s wildlife sculptures are uniquely recognizable, collected & revered around the globe. Always fashioned in his distinctive style that exudes motion and express the whimsical spirit of every subject. Each animal is enlivened with a rich & colorful patina finish which is another distinguishing feature of a Napier sculpture. This fanciful combination showcased within each piece, encourages lighthearted conversation from an array of viewers and prompts many smiles. Jason’s creations can be found in a handful of galleries or you can find him alongside his wife Danielle participating at some of the Nations top fine art top Fine Art Festivals.


New Releases

Always pioneering patinas, these Peach-faced Lovebirds harness a palette of color that is a brilliant representation of the natural world..

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Event Schedule

Visit us in person and enjoy a extravaganza of fine art, culture and entertainment at these top fine art events.

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Works in Progress

This sprouting juvenile Orca Whale is breaking through the water at top speed! Possibly chasing a school of Salmon or adventure seeking.

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